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We provide passionate sysadmin maintenance and monitoring services


Our sysadmin for hire services

We can spec out your hardware requirements, procure a suitable server with redundant hard-drives and backup solutions, install and configure Linux or FreeBSD along with applicable software.

We'll also setup monitoring scripts on the host, and can configure external monitoring solutions such as Netdata+Prometheus+Grafana, or an ELK stack (will require a second server).

If you have an existing Linux server for mail or website, we will maintain it by keeping it up to date regularly, along with remote monitoring.

If you want to compare the cost of owning & hosting your own hardware, or owning your own hardware and hosting with us, or hosting in the cloud, we can provide detailed costing of the different options and suggest the ideal approach based on your time horizon for usage.


Our rates are R950/ph (excl.) or R7000/pd (excl.) whether remote or on site. After-hours rates are R1500/ph (excl.) if no business SLA agreement is in place.


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