Search engine optimisation

Making sure that your clients find you website.

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Creating a website is only half the battle. You also need to make sure your audience finds it. SEO (Search engine optimisation) is practice in which you code a site so that Google (or other search engines) is comfortable with displaying it to the right people.

SEO Starter Guide

We do things differently from other SEO specialist companies. We believe that SEO starts when the website is in planning. All the content of the website has to be composed with SEO in mind.

SEO practices

Here at Vanilla we have the following practices in mind when developing your website.

Remember that before you start coding a website, it is wise to have a wireframe of your sites content. This way you can make corrections to your site before even starting development.

SEO basics

These requirements are so routine and basic that they shouldn't even fall under SEO.

To meet these requirements, we make sure that each page has a unique title and description.

What we need from you to make this work are the keywords you would use to market to your clients/audience.

Improving site structure

This is why it is important to have a wireframe; working out your site structure and dividing the site up in a way so that each page has just enough information, and creating a style hierarchy, without even having to touch code.

For our larger sites, we add extra indexing files to help the site.

Promotions and Analysis

When making sites, we make an effort to get hold of our clients' social media handles to incorporate it on their sites. We also advise clients to share their site url's on their social media, so that they can get traffic to and from social media pages. We can also help you manage your social media pages.

We automatically add sites (that we create/maintain) to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools to help make the Google crawling smoother.

Please note

That there is post production work that we can do to a site to improve SEO. If you have an existing site that you would like us to move over for us to maintain (and improve the SEO on), feel free to: