Social Partners

At Vanilla we want to do the right thing, we try to do the right thing and we love to help people. Some people and communities are doing some incredible kindnesses and in these cases we help to provide the internet for them in a sustainable way.

Some of our sponsored partners include:

Otto Foundation

The Otto Foundation is an education-focussed philanthropic organisation established in 2016. They support primary schools to become sites for quality education, and safe and nurturing spaces for children. They focus on improving early literacy and fostering a love of reading among learners from disadvantaged communities, understanding that access to books and excellence in reading is a critical underpinning of educational success.

Sunflower Learning Centre

The Sunflower Learning Centre is a shared library for Zonnebloem Girls’ and Boys’ Primary schools, established by the Otto Foundation in 2016.​ The Centre is run by a full-time library assistant who teaches all grades in the Zonnebloem Girls’ and Boys’ Primary school, at least one reading lesson every week. The Library is used to:

Ladles of Love

Ladles of Love is an extensive community project dedicated to feeding hungry people. Our soup kitchens feed the homeless of Cape Town every week. Our other projects provide food to struggling schools, students and communities.

Cape Town Torah High

Cape Town Torah High prepares its students for success in life and career by inspiring them to be knowledgeable, thinking, responsible Jewish adults, by weaving together:

Sea Point CID

The aim of the Sea Point CID is to manage and maintain the public environment at a better and superior level to that provided by the local authority. The establishment of the CID is to ensure a more effective management of public areas, address issues of crime and grime, promote business confidence and play an all-embracing role in the promotion of the designated CID area.

College of Magic

The aim of the College of Magic is to see lives and communities transformed through the provision of educational and developmental programmes with a specific emphasis on educational enrichment and supplementary tuition, targeting the full diversity of South African Youth.



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