We can assist in sourcing a variety of backup power solutions for your loadshedding needs.

What is your need:

I want my internet to stay powered:
get a Basic Lithium-Ion UPS

I want to shutdown my computer without losing my work:
get a line interactive UPS

I want my laptop & internet to keep working during loadshedding:
get a modified sine wave inverter.

I want to use Apple desktops, drink smoothies and drill holes in walls:
get a pure sine wave inverter

Note: we no longer sell traditional UPS units, such as a line interactive UPS, as we have found them to have low reliability and less viable that the following options:

UltraLAN Micro UPS

Basic Lithium-Ion UPS

Connectivity Backup Power

Price: sold out

UES 1200VA or 2400VA Inverter Solution

Modified Sine Wave Inverter

4-6 hours modified sine wave backup power

Price: R5,999 (incl VAT)