Wifi installations

for office and home

"There’s something special about experiencing the full speed of fibre, especially for the first time." - was the comment made by a Vanilla intern. Over 60% of Vanilla support calls come from internal network problems. These are related to wifi access points which deliver connectivity between wireless devices and our router. As such Vanilla has developed a strong competency in installing wifi at our clients (and sometimes at clients that wish to try our service).

Now we have had many successes with over 60 multi-AP installations. As such we feel confident that we have a good low-cost solution for home and business, that we are willing to support and maintain our 99.9% uptime guarantee...

After working with radios for a decade, and after having completed extensive research into the various options for internal distribution of wifi as well as cabled connections, we have decided to NOT support range extenders or powerline converters (mainly because they do not work, or if they do it's temporary or sub-standard). In general if you have a device we recommend that the device is plugged into the internet router with an ethernet cable. Where cabling is not practical - mainly for smartphones, laptops and some other devices such as cameras - we assist to ensure one can get the maximum speeds using wifi access points.

For one or two rooms

If you have a small space up to 60sqm that needs coverage then the picture is simple since you only require a single access point and one can use a built in router. One apartment, or office or house where the boundaries are no more than 25m apart: - a single TPLink C5 will do well up to speeds of 900 Mbps

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For more than a couple of rooms

An office or space with many rooms, e.g. 2 bedrooms plus two entertainment rooms will require more specialised equipment: - an RB750 router and at least 2 x Ubiquiti AC Lites. We also provide and install security cameras with cloud based video recordings (i.e. no investment needed for on site NVR and no maintenance needed)

For even bigger spaces all one needs to consider is the extra cables and access points.
NOTE: Please keep in mind that your home has many cables for electricity (the heart) and pipes (the stomach) for plumbing. These all form part of the value of your property. Similarly there should be cables to carry data (the brain) and any investment in such cabling adds value to your property.

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